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"Not yet/' said a little boy, as 
he was busy with his trap and 
ball ; " when I grow older, I will 
think about my soul." The little 
boy grew to be a young mau. 



"Kot yet/' said the young man, "1 
am now about to enter into trade ; 
when I see my business pros- 
per, then I shall have more tune 
than now." Business did pros- 
per. "Kot yet," said the man 
of business ; '' my children must 
have my care ; when they are 
eettled in life I shall be better 
able to attend to religion." He 
lived to be a grey-headed old 
man. " Not yet," stilJ he cried ; 
*^ I shall soon retire from trade, 
and then I shall have nothing 
else to do but to read and pray." 
And so he died : he put off' to 
another time what should have 
been done when a child. He 
lived without Grod, and died 
wit]iout hope. 
*^Kow is the time," says con- 


idence. " It is right you should 
give to God the earliest and best 
of your life. While your heart 
is tender, and your life is before 
you, you should begin to love 
and serve him. If you had a 
rose to give to a friend, v^^ould 
you wait till it was faded and 
dead before you offered it? 
Would you not give it when it 
was in its blossom and beauty ? 
The little hymn says — 

" A flower when offer'd in the bud 
Is no vain sacrifice." 

"Now is the time,*' says Pro- 
vidence. You will never again 
have so good a time. The word 
of God is all written, and is in 
your hands. You have teachers, 
and ministers, and Sabbaths. 


The door of mercy is open. 
"All things are ready.'* You 
will gain nothing, and may lose 
much, by delay. A man on a 
journey came to the side of a 
river, and there ©at down on a 
green bank. A traveller, who 
found him playing with some 
W'ld plants wliich grew by his 
side, asked him what he was 
doing. He said he was waiting 
till all the water ran past. But 
soon night came on, the river 
still flowed, and the man was left 
in darkness in a strange land. 
You sav, " He was a foolish 
man.*' But when you sit down, 
and do not go to Christ until 
you think there is less to hinder, 
you act just like that man. If 
you do not yield yourself to him 

:row is the time. 5 

noWj sin will harden your heart 
as 3^ou grow older. 

"Now is the time," says the 
word of God. It is "the ac- 
cepted time,'* Tour Saviour 
says, "I love them that love 
me, and those that seek me 
early shall find me.*' "Remem- 
ber now thy Creator in the days 
of thy youth/' He speaks to 
you, " Give me thine heart," 
— not the body only, though 
that must be given. He asks 
not for the shell, but for the 
kernel ; not for the casket only, 
but for the jewel. Not only 
your tongue, your hands, your 
ears, but your heart. It is the 
best thing you have to give ; and 
Jesus is pleased to accept it 
It is better in his esteem tban 


silver, and gold, and diamondB* 
of you give him your young 
heart, he will make it better. 
By nature it is sinful: he will 
renew it by his Holy Spirit. It 
is naturally hard: he will soften 
it with his love. It is barren 
and unprofitable : he will make 
it fruitful by his grace. He can 
make it not only holy, but happy.. 
He will make it a faithful heart. 
Then your sins will be blotted 
out by hia precious blood, and 
you will be one of his redeemed 
family. But do not forget, " Now 

is THE TIME." 

It is idched to delay to make 

.this gift. It is true you are 

young ; but you must not put oflf 

faith and repentance. Young as 

you are, you have sinned against 


God, and it is not too soon to 
repent. You need a Saviour ; it 
is not too soon to believe on 
H-im. It is also dangerous to de- 
lay. There was a fomous genera! 
named Hannibal, wLo went witb 
a great army to take tlie city 
of Home. "When lie could have 
taken it he did not, and when 
he would have taken it he could 
not. He lost all by delay. So 
when many young persons may 
come to Jesus they will not ; 
they put it oiF till it is too late. 
Consider, you may die soon, and 
if you die in your sins you will 
be lost for ever. It is related of 
a little Syrian boy that lie asked 
his teacher to instruct him in 
the law of God, and was tola 
that he was too young. " But. 


master/' said the boy, "I have 
been in the burial ground, and 
measured the graves, and find 
some of them shorter than my- 
self : now, if I should die before 
I liave learned the word of God, 
what will become of me?" 
Now is the time. 

'* (jive me thy heart," the Savioiir cries* 

Ye children, hear his voice ; 
Now in your early days be wise, 

And make a heavenly choice. 

Give me thy heart," nor linger more, 
Too soon you cannot give ; 
Nrw, on your knees, his grace implore, 
Believe, obey, and live. 

Come, children, supplicate his grace, 

Let this your answer be — 
" Behold, O Lord, we seek thy face, 

And give our hearts to thee." 

Pardon and Son, Printers, Paternoster row. 



Jesus laid his glory by 
When for us ho stooped to die ; 
How I wonder when I see 
His unbounded love to me ! 

He the sick to health restored, 
To the poor he preached the word ; 
Even children came to share 
In his love and tender care. 

Every bird can build its nest, 
Foxes have their place of rest ; 
He by whom the world was made 
Had not w^here to lay his head. 

He who is the Lord most high, 
Then was poorer far than I, 
That I might hereafter be 
Rich to all eternity. 






^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 


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